Rest your head, weary one, for your tired mind keeps me from reaching you. I’m waiting here, at the edge of your exhaustion.

When sleep knocks, invite her in: a languid ocean awaits you. There are no Sirens here, that singing is only my voice. I guide you away from your pain, never towards it.



Great granite cliffs tower over icy waves of fresh water,

The Aspen leaves whisper a thousand secrets when the wind touches them,

Lichen covered granite beneath my bare feet…the stone is smooth and warm from the Sun’s gaze. I place both hands lovingly on the rock and sit.

My eyes are open and closed. Closed and open.

I feel the nearness of the cliff edge and vertigo threatens my senses.

I soften my gaze, allow thoughts to pass without entertainment.

The great sea of water, expansive

The great sky of air, expansive

The great cliff of granite, expansive

We reach out forever, each humming its elemental pitch, singing the omnipresent chord:

You heard it then.

Photo by me



The bulbs are planted in Autumn. In early Spring, the first green shoots appear. They insist on seeing the sun, pushing through frozen ground and snow. The bud sets. On a warm day it opens, tilts its tender petals to the light. Why does the flower desire the warmth?

I admire the painting I helped nature create. A sea of deep blue Grape Hyacinth roll in waves. Giant yet delicate Narcissus tower overhead, puffs of white clouds hovering over the water, admiring their attractive reflections below. I could be a fairy and float on that herbaceous sea, stretch languidly on my back, gaze at the clouds, wondering: by what amazing grace am I seeing clouds made of daffodils?!



Cool breeze glides

Across valleys, over hills,

Gentle slopes, dips into deep caverns.

The Earth chills and twilight settles.

Soft grey light deepens her shadows

At first

the contrast of cold wet skin above

to warmth in the lake waters below

is alarming to tender skin.

“Wrists wet, head wet”

I slip beneath the surface,

with five strong strokes

arise at the raft.

Climb the ladder

in the moonlight standing, shivering, in full view of

every star in the heavens

I find my favorite and nod “Hello”.

In that brief moment I live a lifetime.

Open to grief, open to love,

— I feel myself crack open —

And am so grateful.